Rafael Camargo

THANK YOU, my family, bothers and sisters, beloved and teachers for your support, dedication and commitment.

With love and Gratitude.

Dena Kingsberg

Rafa is a father of two beautiful daughters and lives in Byron Bay of Australia, where he is a dedicated student to Dena kingsberg, one of the first woman to be certified by the master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Born in Brazil, Rafael lived in many countries around the world. In early 2008, he traveled to India, where he made his first connection to Ashtanga Yoga. He studied with Ajay Kumar, Rolf Naujokat & Marci in Goa.

Rafa continued to diving into his practice and understanding of Ashtanga's philosophy by making regular visits to Bali at AYBRC with Anthony 'Prem' and Heather 'Radha'. He also studied with numerous of great teachers, like Manju Jois, Richard Freeman, Mark Darby, David Williams, Kino MacGregor, Matthew Sweeney, Matthew Vollmer and Mark Robberds

In early 2014, Rafa began his ZenThai Shiatsu massage training to increase his skill in touch, knowledge and practice in yoga therapy. He studied with Gwyn Williams, founder of Mt Ninderry Healing Center in Australia.

In 2015 Rafa had the opportunity to meet Ninawa "Pai da Mata" a shaman from the Huni Kuin people, that lives in the heart of the Amazon. 


In 2019 Rafa made his first journey into the jungle of the Amazon to live and experience in depth the practices of healing plants medicine with the spiritual leader "Tuim Nova Era" from Huni Kuin people at "Good Luck Village" at Mirror of Life Centre. From them he learned in traditional cerimonies a profound knowledge of the ancestral healing plants and the power of sacred chants. He also studied Indigenous Phytotherapy with Pajé "Guaíra" a spiritual leader from Tupi-Guarani culture in Brazil.

Through Yoga and plant medicine we heal and empower our body, mind and spirit in order to align them, which allows us to see the world as a whole and awaken human being. The Shamans talk in the same way about three Power Animals that govern our perception of reality. The Serpent, the Jaguar, and the Condor.

Rafa is a passionate chef who reads widely about ancient foods and is constantly inspired by fresh vibrant ingredients. He is a strong believer in the power of conscious food choices to help us live life fully. As the Co-founder @ocacuise Rafa loves sharing his magic with the world.

Rafa loves being home with his family in the heart of Byron Bay of Australia.

Kapotasana by Mark Robberds
Teaching at Yoga Bliss Manila
Kapotasana Rafael Camargo
Mathew Vollmer
Mark Robberds
Richerd Freeman
Eka Pada Sirsasana Rafael Camargo
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David Williams
David Williams
Prem & Manju Jois