HAUX FEST was born, the "bridge" between Australia and Brazil, whose union is established through group meetings to carry out cultural and sustainability projects and gatherings, opening space for sacred songs and trips to the heart of the Amazon rainforest, the Village "Centre Mirror of Life" @centro.hunikuin.espelhodavida - there is no more perfect name.
The Amazon is not the lungs, but the heart of the world. Thanks to its trees, it produces enough water and moisture to maintain the climatic balance of the entire Earth. It is alive, it pulsates, it generates life. There are those who say - and we agree - that the forest also speaks. Resilience, strength, beauty and wisdom inhabit its soil. In times as challenging as those we have been experiencing, the healing medicine from the forest is necessary not only to maintain the planet's climatic balance, but also to strengthen, support and boost the balance of the human heart.

Rafael @rafasunwarrior is Brazilian and his heart beats hard for the forest, as well as for Australia, where he built a family and has been living for almost 20 years. Tuim Nova Era @tuim.novaera.hunikuin is an indigenous leader born in the forest and has received people from different parts of Brazil and the world in his village with the mission of sharing the wisdom of his people and keeping their traditions alive.
Haux Fest is the result of the partnership and the union of dreams of these two men, of the culture of indigenous and non-indigenous people that aims healing on a planetary level: of people who feel the call to get closer to nature, to know each other better and to understand the why of their presence in the world.

Healing extends to rescuing and protecting ancient indigenous culture that asks to stay alive and to be shared at a time when being indigenous in Brazil is being under serious risks that involve their own existence - therefore, resisting, seeking support, unity and spreading their wisdom are urgent and fundamental actions.

Haux Fest is committed to bringing Australians, Brazilians and peoples of other nationalities living in Australia to the Amazon, as well as bringing the Amazon to Australia, through the presence and wisdom of the Huni Kuin leaders.

We promote unity, healing, love, a new awareness, culture and wisdom through music of prayers. This is our mission. We are committed to generating environmental, social and spiritual impacts.


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Photo - Kauany & Tuim Nova Era