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This photo brings me back to the magical time I had in the Amazon Rainforest. I'm sitting at the feet of the Great Spirit of the forest SAMAUMA "Tree of Life".


This is an opportunity to connect with your inner soul and the spirit of sacred medicines for the purpose of healing and spiritual growth in the unique ecological environment that is the Amazon. The Retreat is for those who seek a responsible and safe way to expand their self awareness and consciousness. A perfect place to let your journey unfold in harmony with nature. To align your body, mind & spirit. To live in full communion with all that is life, to be immersed in the magic of the present moment, to integrate with all of creation and have full confidence in the infinite wisdom of the Great Mystery. Firm, light, patient, peaceful and confident.


I invite you to come with me and experience this sublime Amazon Rainforest Journey with the Huni Kuin people for a week of deep Healing, Celebration, Art & Culture Empowerment @centro.hunikuin.espelhodavida.


Yuxibu Nuku Shushawati Experience 2°Edition 2022 at Good Luck Village • Mirror of Life Center • Huni Kuin River Indigenous Land Humaitá • Acre • Amazon • Brazil 🇧🇷

4/19 of June 2022.


This is sure to be an unforgettable and transformational experience in your life..


I am very honoured to be a part of this journey and excited to share Yoga & Meditation with you to bring healing and balance to our body, mind and soul. 

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The Huni Kuin people, also known as "Kaxinawá" (bat-people) or “true people,” (from huni, "people", and kuin meaning "true.") as they call themselves, live mostly in the Brazilian Amazon Basin, but their lands extend to the foot of the Andes in eastern Peru. The Huni Kuin are the largest indigenous population in the Brazilian state of Acre, currently living on twelve Indigenous reservations along seven different rivers: Purus, Envira, Murú, Humaitá, Tarauacá, Breu and Jordão.

YUXIBU NUKU SHUSHAWATI 2019 - Aldeia Boa Sorte

Photos and Videos from previous edition Click HERE

Yuxibu Nuku Shushawati Experience
2° Edition
June 8-16, 2022



Good Luck Village - Huni Kuin Indigenous Land of the Humaitá River - Acre - Amazon - Brazil


⫷⫸ Cultural Activities

> Body painting
> Katxanawa's Dance
> Bath with Medicinal Plants
> Nixi Pae (Ayahuasca) Ceremony
> Nixi Pae (Ayahuasca) Making
> Traditional Huni Kuin Games
> Kampum Application

> Craft Exhibition
> Dume Deshke's Shave (Snuff)
> Baptism of the Hummpaya
> Singing Workshop
> Medicinal Clay Bath
> Yoga & Meditation

⫷⫸ Contribution to the realization of the experience

The value for participating in this Experience is based on all logistical costs including fuel for 6 round trip days (3 to go and 3 to return - high fuel value in Tarauacá), village building construction to receive visitors, boat maintenance, boat driver, caretaker, boat cook, food and village workers.

Cost: $ 2,500 aus.

⫷⫸ What is included?

> River Transport to the village 3 days upstream (Round Trip). May change depending on river level.
> Food from the river transport including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

> Ceremonies and all activities in the program.

> Non-indigenous translators.

> Collective hosting during the stay.

* No special diet, the food will be made by indigenous cooks.

* Please bring hammock, blanket/sleeping bag, tent (optional) and whatever else needed for your comfort.

⫷⫸ What is not included

> Air Transport
> Hotels and Food in the city of Rio Branco e Tarauacá

⫷⫸ Logistics to reach the village

> 5/6 (or earlier) - Arrival in Rio Branco

> 6/6 - Participants will travel from Rio Branco to the nearest town of the village, Tarauáca. Estimated travel time 7 hours.

> 7/06 - Group meeting in Tarauáca to clarify any doubts and fill out all necessary paperwork, including Registration Form & Term of Commitment and vaccination card. The remainder of the day will be spent preparing participants for their river journey.

> 8/6 - Commence river journey.

> 11/6 - Estimated time of arrival at the village.

> 16/6 - Expected departure from the village 22/06.

> 18/6 - Arrival back to Tarauáca.

*We advise you to stay in Tarauáca for another day to rest before continuing the trip to Rio Branco. Return flights can be booked from 20/6. Rio Branco and Tarauacá Accommodation. On behalf of the participant, we will be indicating partner places for lodging.

*Yellow Fever Vaccine. All participants should be vaccinated and bring their vaccination card.

*Village Accommodation. Participants will sleep in indigenous lodgings.

Each participant should carry his own net/tent, blanket etc.

*Deadline for registration May 6, 2022 Places limited to 50 participants

Upon your confirmation we will send you the Application Form, Term of Commitment and a list of travel arrangements.


"We follow in the light of Sacred Medicine from the Forest".

Haux Haux !