Through Yoga we heal and empower our body, mind and spirit in order to align them, which allows us to see the world as a whole and awaken human being. The Shamans talk in the same way about three Power Animals that govern our perception of reality. The Serpent, the Jaguar, and the Condor, which are referred to as the Incan Trilogy. The metaphors in the Incan trilogy totem are profound and offer us a deep insight and understanding of the practices of yoga as well as the parallel with Body, Mind, Spirit.


The Serpent teaches us how to shed our skin and let go of the past. Through yoga we release stress, clear the body from toxins and shed the cellular memory of trauma. Through postures, we clear our meridians and stabilize our 

endocrine system.  Stable and centered we navigate life with courage, compassion, self-confidence, and integrity. 

/  Serpent


The Jaguar being on the top of the food chain teaches us no fear. We begin to learn the patterns of the mind and methodically shift our awareness from a state of fear to clarity and personal power. We practice rewiring old neuro-pathways and activate new synaptic connections to transform our reality and honor our growth.

/  Jaguar


The Condor teaches us how to fly above and see the greater picture of our life. From there we can make better-informed decisions. The Condor flies wing to wing with the great spirit. We widen our lens of perception and connect to our soul direction of seeing with our 3rd eye wide open. 

/  Condor