Benefits of ZenThai Shiatsu include:


  • shoulder pain, including frozen shoulder

  • back & neck pain

  • lower back pain

  • joint pain

  • headaches/migraines

  • sciatica

  • sports injuries

  • digestive disorders

  • insomnia

  • circulation problems

  • work related stress

  • excessive fatigue

  • low immunity

  • emotional distress

  • depression


Zen Thai Shiatsu is an effective therapy that can assist you to regain balance, vitality & good health. 


Zenthai Shiatsu takes place on a futon on the floor. No oils are used, and you will be fully clothed. You need to wear loose comfortable clothing. A standard session is 1.5 hours. 


Each treatment is a beautiful flow with deep body awareness and sensitive touch. Performed in a meditative, pure state it is a magical dance that involves stretching and aligning of the energetic and structural body. Pressure and technique are appropriate for the individual concerned. Gentle rocking, joint mobilization and deep acupressure massage; with your body being fully supported and moved for you from one position to another. 


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Many people report feeling deep bliss at the end of a session.     


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When you touch

  one thing 

  with deep awareness,   you touch everything. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

ZenThai Shiatsu is essentially the integration of Zen Shiatsu and Traditional Thai Massage.

Yoga therapy and Osteopathic joint mobilisation techniques are also combined to create a holistic bodywork that encourages healing to occur.


"Mindful touch offers an experience like no other. Within it are the seeds for deep transformation and awakening... this is healing. Memories and traumas stored within the body are able to be accessed to allow the return of freedom to our energetic and structural bodies."                                                           

~ Gwyn Williams, founder of Zenthai Shiatsu ​

 Mt Ninderry Zenthai Shiatsu Healing Centre